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Replacing Tooth 36

Clinical case

For more than 15 years, the patient feared an invasive and expensive restoration for a missing tooth 36. A 3D GATEWAY™ anchoring is performed on each support tooth 35 and 37, where a decay is neat, without excessive trimming. A dental impression is made, then sent to laboratoire Delprat.


Using CAD software, the crown and pontic are modeled and adjusted to the support teeth. A key step towards the production of unique pieces with variable geometry dedicated to each patient. After placing the pontic, the crown does not require any adjustment of the contact points.


With a conservative dental care protocol, the pontic and the crown are quickly integrated. The self-locking mechanism respects living tissue. Instantly, the patient finds her smile back along with all the biomechanical functions of her jaws.



Replacing Two Teeth

Clinical Case

With a missing tooth on each maxilla, this woman refused a two bridges option that would have sacrified four healthy teeth.


The bridge construction is ready to receive its dedicated crown. The under-cut attachments guarantee the high stability of the custom-made denture.


Function and aesthetics are restored without surgery through a well-anchored and balanced device.

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