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Replacing Tooth 25


Setting up the 3D GATEWAY™ self-locking pontic.


In two armchair sessions only, a complete shoring is provided between both support teeth.


The crown is placed.
Any adjustment of contact points is required.


Pre-existing crown

Crown on 37 and Inlay-onlay on 35. The pontic is inserted whatever the axis.

Chewing resistance

The supporting teeth work in their natural axes, unlike the conventional three-element bridge.

Interdental brush

The supplied brush removes food residues and helps fighting against dental plaque.



Replacing Tooth 36

Clinical case

The 3D GATEWAY™ anchorage is performed on support teeth 35 and 37, where a cavity is treated without excessive trimming. Dental scans are sent to the laboratory, a few clicks later.


The pontic and crown are modelled with anchors to the supporting teeth, then produced using a CAD/CAM system. Once the pontic is installed, the crown caps the device.


As the self-locking system respects living tissue and is applied without surgery, the patient regains her smile along with all maxillar biomechanical functions.



Replacing Two Teeth

Clinical Case

With a missing tooth on each maxilla, this woman refused a two bridges option that would have sacrified four healthy teeth.


The pontic is ready to receive its crown. Its undercut anchors ensure great stability to the prosthesis.


Function and aesthetics are restored without surgery through a well-anchored and balanced device.

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